Annual Report

2023 Annual Report

2023 was a transformative year, marked by moments that will shape the lives of the next generation for years to come. As young people continue to navigate a complex landscape of economic, political, and social challenges, BIFYA remains committed to thinking about the real risks they are facing and what policy options we have to help solve them. This annual report highlights the progress we have made in research and engagement to better understand the challenges that young people are facing.

2021 Annual Report

This report highlights the important progress we’ve made in the areas of research and engagement over the last year. We highlight several key new research partnerships that are laying the groudwork for some exciting initiatives in the year ahead.  

5 Year Impact Report

This report highlights the key accomplishments during the Berkeley Institute for Young American’s first five years. We are at a point of exciting growth for the Institute. We have expanded our research agenda and have partnered with several UC Berkeley faculty to support projects focused on important economic, political, and social issues that matter to young people. We grew our policy network in California and beyond, making connections with other thought leaders reimagining the future of the state and the labor market for young adult workers. We have also helped to bring attention to the pressing challenges younger generations face, and the policy solutions that may mitigate generational inequity.

2019 Annual Report

Read about our accomplishments over the last year, including important steps we took to build our core research agenda, focusing on jobs, mental health, and the long-term financial security of young people. We are proud of the work we did to expand our enterprise for engaging young leaders and policy advocates, and to grow our diverse network across California.

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