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Why investing in public education pays off

Funding state-wide education isn’t cheap. But a well-funded early care and P-16 system has both direct benefits to students as well as indirect benefits to society. As we review impacts

Making the case for an adequacy formula to fund higher education in California

California has ambitious aims for higher education. Lawmakers established goals in the state’s education code to expand college access to more students, improve college affordability, and ensure that more students are prepared for the 21st century labor market. Achieving such goals across the state’s massive higher education system is no easy task and requires that colleges and universities have the resources necessary to meet the challenge […]

Report questions future of the California public education system

The sustainability of the state’s public education system is questioned in a new report from the Berkeley Institute for Young Americans. Part of the California 100 initiative, administered by the Goldman School of Public Policy, the report finds that long-term structural challenges in the state’s finance system, combined with flaws in education governance, threaten the long-term outlook of public education… 

Young Adult College Attainment in California

Despite increases in college attainment across the board since the 1960’s, there are still vast differences in college completion across racial/ethnic groups. In 2019 in California, 67.2% of 25-34-year-old Asian/Pacific

Historic Trends in U.S. Student Debt

Student debt has been on the rise since the 1970s. Below, we break down trends in student debt over time by plotting all total student loans in a given year

Trends in rates of college attainment

Bachelor’s Degree Attainment Over Time, by Race

Since 1960, Bachelor’s (BA) degree attainment rates have increased for all Californians over time. However, there are persistent and increasing disparities across racial groups, with the Latino/Hispanic and Black population

Delivering that Cap and Gown?

How much progress have the state’s universities made in delivering on one of their core missions: a diploma for every student? Cal State Long Beach, San Diego State, Cal Poly