BIFYA Author: Erin Heys

It’s time for an honest conversation about CA’s structural budget problems

The sustainability of the state’s public education system is questioned in a new report from the Berkeley Institute for Young Americans. Part of the California 100 initiative, administered by the Goldman School of Public Policy, the report finds that long-term structural challenges in the state’s finance system, combined with flaws in education governance, threaten the long-term outlook of public education… 

Making the case for an adequacy formula to fund higher education in California

California has ambitious aims for higher education. Lawmakers established goals in the state’s education code to expand college access to more students, improve college affordability, and ensure that more students are prepared for the 21st century labor market. Achieving such goals across the state’s massive higher education system is no easy task and requires that colleges and universities have the resources necessary to meet the challenge […]

Safety net

Young Adults and the Social Safety Net During COVID-19

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, young adults once again are facing the highest unemployment rates of any age group with mounting financial pressures in an uncertain economy. In response to such challenges, this issue brief explores weaknesses in the current social safety net and how it could be strengthened to better support young adults.