Topic: California Finance

Why investing in public education pays off

Funding state-wide education isn’t cheap. But a well-funded early care and P-16 system has both direct benefits to students as well as indirect benefits to society. As we review impacts

A dip on the economic rollercoaster?

Governor Newsom’s revised K-12 budget could foreshadow future problems for CA schools   On May 12, Governor Newsom released an updated budget for 2023-24 fiscal year. The new budget proposal reflects

It’s time for an honest conversation about CA’s structural budget problems

The sustainability of the state’s public education system is questioned in a new report from the Berkeley Institute for Young Americans. Part of the California 100 initiative, administered by the Goldman School of Public Policy, the report finds that long-term structural challenges in the state’s finance system, combined with flaws in education governance, threaten the long-term outlook of public education…